Château Belle-Garde

Bordeaux AOC

That is the key to good winemaking according to Eric Duffau. His estate is located on the southern bank of the Dordogne, in Génissac (50 km east of Bordeaux), on attractive vine-covered slopes. It has been in the Duffau family, who were originally carters and coopers, since the 18th century. They started acquiring a few hectares of vines and gradually created sizeable vineyard holdings including the best plots in the commune.

A farmer’s common sense coupled with technology

As heir to a long family tradition, Eric Duffau tends his vines with the greatest care and attention.
He also takes special pains to respect the environment. Relying on what he calls his ingrained farmer's common sense, he places great emphasis on close observation of his vines. The aim is to reduce the use of chemical sprays to an absolute minimum and to help the grapes grow as naturally as possible. Eric Duffau's winemaking philosophy is to rely on the best modern techniques (insect traps, modelling of vine diseases according to weather conditions, etc.) as well as the most worthwhile traditional ones (bud thinning, leaf thinning, green harvesting, etc.). Thanks to work all year long in the vineyard and precision winemaking, his aim has been achieved: a Bordeaux Blanc with attractive aromas exemplifying the best the appellation can produce.

  •, Brügger & Sauterel
  • No féd. CH-550-1090569-0
  • Avenue Maria-Belgia 1
  • 1006 Lausanne
  • Suisse